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Donate to Hefe's Favorite Charity

Jeff was a founding member, writer and primary inspiration for the soon to launch global community portal: -

a publishing platform and forum for the advancement of human co-operation, tolerance and peace.  


Jeff intended for EAAO to go on to do great unifying work in advancing dialogue and co-operation between countless new paradigm movements, activists and thought leaders, and make great esoteric Wisdom and help widely available.  


EAAO is scheduled to launch in late 2015 and your donations and participation will enable and preserve this auspicious vision.  Some of Jeff's last completed writings are soon to be published on the site.


Email managing editor for any further information and how to get involved.



Address for Checks:
EAAO c/o Sepia Kirkbride

3213 Maplewood Avenue,

Los Angeles

CA 90066


​PayPal Account:​

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